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November 24, 2017

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Dog Dental And Cat Dental Wellness Examinations

Dogs (or cats) get the same thorough pet wellness examination. Dr. Costello likes to start things off by performing a wellness check. He wants to make sure that Sienna’s overall body systems are functioning well. He’s going to check her skin, eyes, nose, and mouth/teeth. He wants to examine her heart for any abnormalities (such as arrhythmias or murmurs). He’s going to feel her tummy for any lumps, bumps, or any other problems.

Checking the teeth is very important because it is necessary to know if there could be any problems with dental disease. The doctor wants to see that everything is healthy in there by noting that the teeth are white while the gums are nice and pink. When the teeth are blanched out and then are able to quickly return to their normal color, this is a good sign because it shows that Sienna is well hydrated. At this time during Sienna’s exam, Dr. Costello is able to make note of Sienna’s well-functioning cardiac system. Examining the tongue, tonsils, and lymph nodes is also connected to this thorough dental check up.

Sienna’s eyes do not have any discharge. The eyes appear to be normal. There’s no abnormalities related to this portion of the exam in areas that include eye-color or the sclera. Her eyes are very alert. She responds all of the stimuli when Dr. Costello taps all around her face, head, and nose. This helps to indicate to the doctor that the brain functions (along with the nervous system tissue functions) are operating normally. One last check of the ears and head is done in order to make sure that this area is clean and free of any lumps or bumps.

“Moving on down”, Dr. Costello wants to check Sienna’s chest and thorax area in order to see if Sienna has any problems in that department. Examples of this include the possible detection of heart disease, respiratory disease, allergies, or infections. This portion of a wellness-check includes the monitoring of kidney disorders, adrenal gland disorders, dog diabetes, increased drinking, or increased urination. Dr. Costello now does an abdominal palpation in order to check for pain, spleen enlargement, liver enlargement, masses, bladder abnormalities, or any other disorders. He also checks Sienna’s back for lumps, bumps, spinal problems, or vertebrae problems. The doctor also wants to make sure that Sienna has proper locomotion. This means that everything should be normal in that area if Dr. Costello can tell that the animal is not favoring one leg over the other, not losing muscle mass, and is not suffering from any lumps or bumps within the legs.

A quick check of the tail is a fitting way to round out Sienna’s “top-down” exam.New clients can register here.

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Dog dental and cat dental wellness examinations are mandatory for your pet’s long-term health. Regular pet teeth-cleaning helps to reduce the long term pet care costs..

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