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November 24, 2017

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Ear Crop Cost Surgery

Ear Crop Cosmetic Surgery

Ear Cropping For That Breed Standard Look

Ear cropping at the Harvard Veterinary Clinic is an operation that can be done on a wide variety of dogs. Dr. Costello has successfully performed this procedure on Boxers, Great Danes, Dobermans, Pit Bulls, and Schnauzers.

Anesthesia is necessary, and the procedure takes about two hours to complete. There is also a recovery time period that occurs after the surgery is performed. Please make sure that the puppy goes without food and water for 12 hours before the surgery. This is necessary for helping to prevent vomiting and choking during the administration of the anesthesia.

After your puppy has its initial vaccinations (at around the age of 6-8 weeks), this would be a good time for an ear cropping. If your puppy is currently outside of this age range (older or younger), please consult the veterinarian because he/she may be able to advise you concerning that circumstance. Please also remember that your dog must be in good health before getting its ears cropped. Sick puppies should not undergo this procedure.

Please make sure that you take your dog to a hospital that is run by a LICENSED and experienced veterinarian. Don’t become a victim of a discount-breeder or a “back-alley cropper”.

Ear Crop Benefits

  • Cropped ears are less likely to be damaged if your dog decides to do some rough housing with another animal. It also makes it more difficult for a human attacker to grab the dog’s ears when the dog is trying to protect the owner.
  • Dogs that have their ears cropped are also better at showing their moods. Cropped canines have improved hunter-aiding skills.
  • Ear Cropping is not just for dogs. For example, it may be done as a treatment to cats that suffer from cancers of the ear.
  • Many veterinarians have concluded that there is less potential for a cropped dog to contract an ear infection compared to the canines that keep their “floppies”. Floppy ears can allow for bacteria to develop because of the moisture that may accumulate within the darkened areas.

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