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November 24, 2017

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Driving Directions

YouTube video  “Nail Trim Time for Stacy’s Dog, Capone”

Dog grooming begins with a nail trim.

We do a lot of nail trims for our cats and dogs here at the Harvard Veterinary Clinic. Pets are sometimes brought in just for nail trims because of the benefits. These benefits include the possible prevention of nails that crack, break, or get pulled loose.

It is nail trim time for Stacy’s dog, Capone. He was a good candidate to be shown in this demonstration video because it is easy to see the pink parts that should be avoided during a nail trim in order to avoid causing any bleeding.

Stacy is giving the nail trim to her dog, Capone, while Ashley holds him. Stacy is careful in making sure that she is clipping only the tips of Capone’s nails. Stacy has a lot of experience with doing nail trims. The nail trim procedures normally get done pretty smoothly. Occasionally, an animal may not take a liking to getting a nail trim. These situations can be handled, and there are even times when the doctor lends a hand to the “bigger” challenges.

Dog grooming may prevent your dog from overheating.

Could you imagine running around in your winter coat during an 80 degree day? This can actually happen to long-haired dogs and cats. We have actually treated dogs for overheating. Dogs don’t sweat like humans. Dogs cool off by panting – well – “like a dog on a hot day”. Treating your dog to a spring haircut is much cheaper than treating your dog for heat exhaustion.

Dog grooming may prevent your dog from spreading fleas and ticks.

Regular medicated flea bath and flea preventatives may reduce the spread of fleas and ticks that can come into the home. It is a lot easier to prevent a flea problem than it is to exterminate fleas. Fleas and ticks can also spread diseases to humans.

An additional benefit is that your regular groomer can detect lumps, bumps, and skin diseases at an early stage.

A clean and good smelling pet is one of life’s simple pleasures.

Usually if someone says that you smell like a wet dog, you are insulted. Just imagine how the dog must feel. Few people want to pet a dog with a dirty and matted coat. However, few people can resist smiling at you when you walk your freshly groomed dog.

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Puppy dog rabies shots with examination may detect problems while the puppy is under warranty from the seller. More importantly, it may prevent costly sickness.

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